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Hobo with a Shotgun (Unrated trailer)


I love these type of grind house flicks, this trailer was originally a April fools joke, but the demand for it has inspired the studio to actually bring it to the screen. Any lover of films like the recent Machete or earlier films like Vanishing Point or Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song will appreciate Hobo with a Shotgun for what it is...a paracinema exploitation film that emphasizes sex, violence and gore over any dramatic, lesson learned stuffy period piece that we have been subject to recently. Plus it is great to see Rutger Hauer, his work in films like Blade Runner & Blind Fury are president among cult movie fans today.


New footage of The Green Lantern debuted at WonderCon 2011

The more I see of this film, the more I am warming up to it. In the beginning I was less than amused by the choice of the CG suit, but the footage actually looks pretty damn good. No final approval yet, but I will be there to see it lives up to the hype in the trailer. Will be interesting to see how Ryan Reynolds can attack two different comic book characters with the upcoming Deadpool film due sometime in 2014 that will be directed by Tim Miller.


Schwarzenegger's Comeback

Now that Arnold Schwarzennegger has been out of office for two months, rumors have been circulating about his return to film. Obvious possible comeback films could include another Predator film, Terminator or a True Lies 2 which was brought up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which Arnold says the following.

""The idea of a 'True Lies' sequel has been around since the early 2000s, but then 9/11 happened and we didn't do it because it had to do with a terrorist attack. A lot of terrorist-type scripts were cancelled back then, but now they are emerging again because there hasn't been a terrorist attack in the last 10 years. Then, of course, there's dialogue about me getting back into the Terminator thing. But you know, I've been out of office only two months now. I couldn't be thinking about doing 'Terminator 16' while I was still governor."

His comeback would have to be a good one, especially if he plans on being taken seriously again. His brief cameo in the Expendables felt a bit odd and pointless to me, but with a movie like that you can over analyze things. I would like to see him work with James Cameron again. What role would you like to see Arnold reprise?


Tyler Perry steps into Morgan Freeman's prior role in "I, Alex Cross"

Tyler Perry known most for his portrayal as a hard knock grandma in the Madea films, will be taking on the role left by Morgan Freeman in the past James Patterson novel films that include Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. This is the third Alex Cross film to be adapted from Patterson's novels. Summit Entertainment recently picked up the rights to this film. I honestly have to say i would much rather see Morgan Freeman in this role again but it does look like they plan on adding several other films to the franchise. Not to say the Morgan Freeman is to old, he is still pumping out films like RED, Invictus and not to mention the recent Batman films. I think he'd be more than capable but then again we all know that Hollywood loves adding a fresh actor to an old character. I personally think Morgan Freeman is one of the greatest actors of our time. I mean if Harrison Ford can play Indie one last time, I think they should have let Freeman do his thing as Alex Cross one more time.


A Time Traveler's Film(s)

Hollywood tends to have it's phases of films released in some what popular bursts. Most recently one can obviously mention movies about vampires, werewolves, robots etc. So I feel it is pretty safe to predict the next coming of popular move genres to include some form of time travel. Within several weeks a film called Source Code will hit theaters starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier that is sent back in time in order to stop a disastrous bomb from exploding on a train...Ok, there are dozens of films that have included a similar plot in some form or another, a few that came to my mind were films like Deja Vu, Timecop, Star Trek, Minority Report etc. Not to mention recent time travel films like Terminator: Salvation or Hot Tub Time Machine. Jake Gyllenhall is no stranger to the subject, having starred in Donnie Darko and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. There will be more time travel coming our way most definitely. In recent news Disney will be taking on a film called The Runner in guessed it, a man is sent back in time to change the course of history. But let me be fair, this is usually the reason we travel back in time no? I for one am not to excited about Source Code (which may have no direct correlation with the fact that source code is simply text written in computer language form) but it hits theaters April 1st, and by the looks of the trailer, this film offers nothing new. If you are in the mood for what I think is a great time travel film, that not many have seen check out Primer. Which took only $7000 to make by the way. The director of Primer will be lending his expertise to another time travel film starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt coming in 2012 with the title, Looper (a Rian Johnson film).


Man of Steel changes yet again...

Henry Cavill (the Tudors) will throw on the red cape in the upcoming Warner Bros production of Superman. The most significant part of this breaking news is that Zack Snyder (director of Watchman) will direct and Christopher Nolan is producing the film. I have no doubt that this duo will do a fantastic job and will give the man of steel a much deserved representation. Cavill had been rumored to audition for Batman but lost to Christian Bale, Cavill also lost out the role of James Bond to Daniel Craig. Not to mention being passed up as the lead teenage vampire in the Twilight series. Maybe this will be his big break...superhero roles can sky rocket you to fame or just dig a deeper darker hole in your acting career.


Ridley Scott's Alien Prequels cancelled.. 'Prometheus" emerges.

Ridley Scott originally purchased a new 3D studio of which he planned to kickstart the studio with prequels to the Alien series. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled but instead Ridley Scott will bring us a Sci-Fi film called Prometheus. The screenplay will be written by Damon Lindelof, known for the Lost series. Scott says the fans of the Alien series will see the similarities with the creatures in the Prometheus film and the Alien films of the past. The film will star Roomi Rapace as the strong heroin similar to the role Sigourney Weaver held down for so many years. For myself, I think it was a good idea cancel the prequels, Hollywood needs to construct more original material rather then relying on prequels of past blockbusters.


X-Men First Class photo redeemed?

After all the negative buzz around the first photo, we now have this more realistic photo of the so called first class of X-Men. Inaccurate as it is, several of the characters in this film (Sebastian Shaw, White Queen, Hellfire Club etc) do not appear in the comic books until the Dark Phoenix Saga, which is clearly not during the first class of X-Men. There seems to be many more flaws in this film plot. Which leads me to believe that we have already seen the best of the X-Men films.


Anne Hathaway & Tom Hardy added to 3rd Batman film

Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman in the upcoming third installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Also playing the villain Bane is Tom Hardy from Nolan's Inception film. Hardy will be a great addition but I cannot say the same for Hathaway, but it should be better than Halle Berry's role in 2004.


First photo X-Men First Class

Honestly at first site this photo looks like a mediocre photoshop job but lets hope this is not a sign of worse things to come. From left to right: Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Rose Byrne (Moira Taggert), January Jones (Emma Frost), Jason Flemyng (Azazel), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Lucas Till (Havok), Zoe Kravitz (Angel), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier).