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Worst Film Nominees for 2009

The following are my pics for wakest(worst) movies of 2009. 

Disclaimer:Due to the fact that there are more wak movies than good ones feel free to add to the list.

The Twilight Sage: New Moon


Despite the wolf scenes, this is one of the softest movies I've ever seen, if you want a better effect watch Underworld and then the Notebook. 

Old Dogs


I thought this director could not do worse than Wild Hogs...I was wrong



After watching this sorry excuse for a movie, I realized reading the title was enough to predict the entire story. Horrible attempt to recreate Fatal Attraction, Disclosure among others. One word "Unoriginal"

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


I have to say the Michael Bay team did a great job with the effects, but the plot and storyline was sloppy and all over the place.



I thought this would be a promising movie due to the fact it incorporates super human powers. But the story is lacking proper execution. Too much material, they should have taken their time and not try to cram to many aspects.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li


If I would have seen this movie when I was six I would have loved it. But seeing it now is just hilarious.


Even with all the talent in this movie has far as voices (Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi, Penelope Cruz etc)It was boring, my kids fell asleep and it was in 3D. The only good thing about this movie was the free Chipotle burrito you got with the ticket stub. 

Jennifer's Body


This movie had horror b flick written all over it, but in my opinion it did not deliver, I enjoy watching B rated horror movies simply for the laughs and this did not even have that.



Why is it that Chow Yun Fat keeps getting type casted in horrible films like this, seems to me they just changed the name on the original Bulletproof Monk script. A disappointment for any Dragonball Z fan.

Crank 2:High Voltage

I passed the first movie for it's somewhat originality but this sequel tries to simply repeat the first plot in a way. The connections to video games are nice but this movie just sucks, a perfect pair with the previous Jason Statham flop "In the name of the King"



Iron Man 2 Trailer


Do colored Presidents = catastrophic events?

There has been a noticeable trend in Hollywood movies when it comes to having colored Presidents. For some reason or the other most of the roles are involved with movies that dawn the end of the world. Lets recap some of these roles, we all remember Morgan Freeman as the President in Deep Impact.     

In which a team of astronauts must stop a huge comet from colliding with earth. These days this plot has been used and abused.






Secondly we recall Tiny Zeus Lister as the President in The Fifth Element. In this plot we see a little of the same problem with Earth once again on a collision course with a meteor or star. Notice the trend?


And in more recent Hollywood magic comes 2012, in which Danny Glover is cast as the President of the United States, only to be faced guessed it The End of the World. How many more of these plots can the movie goer endure. Granted this is a minor complaint when the movie is considered to be pretty good but, it would be refreshing to throw in a Black President in a plot that does not involve the end of mankind. I guess there could be exceptions to this argument, such as Bill Pullman in Independence Day or Stanley Anderson in Armageddon. It can also be a way of the director or writer trying to visualize a future that was once unheard of until recently with the Obama Presidency. 2012 does look to have one improvement over it's predecessors, that would be the visual special effects, and lets face it, at this point the effects have to be great, especially when a end-of-the-world movie is filmed. What other roles can you remember that involve a colored president experiencing tough times? Let me know.



Robert Rodriguez casts Adrien Brody as the lead in "Predators"

Hollywood is known for starring some unexpected actors to take the lead in big projects. In this case casting Adrien Brody(The Pianist, King Kong) as the lead man in the reboot to Predator. So where is the muscle we're used to seeing from the 1987 hit? This has been said to be a reboot instead of a remake. The plot involves various humans being taken to the deadly alien race in order to test survival. For years the rumors of bringing in multiple number of Predators on screen have circulated. The Alien Vs Prdedator movies have somewhat shown multiple hunters but none to the extent Robert Rodriguez plans to bring to the screen in July of 2010. It will be interesting to see how Adrien Brody fills Schwarzenegger's shoes. Also taking on the Predators will be Robert Rodriguez regular and second cousin Danny Trejo(Desperado, Con Air), Alice Braga(I Am Legend, Redbelt), UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali also star. In negotiations to be cast is Topher Grace (Spider Man 3), which is a question in it self. The film will have to have the type to of action and plot we loved from the original. At this point who better to take production responsibility than Robert Rodriguez. The title Predators reminds me of the Alien sequel Aliens. As for casting an Academy Award winner in the new relaese shows me that Mr. Rodriguez is serious about this movie. The film will be directed by Nimrod Antal (Vacancy, Armored) filming in Hawaii and production being done at Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas.


The Descent II (Trailer)


Inception (Trailer)


A Nightmare on Elm Street (Trailer)

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