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Finally Tony takes on the Mandarin...Sike! Iron Man 3 Review

So May 3rd started off a bit ruff for me. Not only was I unable to score Mondo's latest release of Martin Ansin's beautiful Iron Man 3 limited edition poster (pictured left). After watching Ironman 3 later on that night, I could not help but to feel...cheated...fooled...swindled into thinking I was going to be completely satisfied with the film. I will say first of all Robert Downey Jr. sells the film as usual by portraying the billionaire Tony Stark with accuracy. Which brings to me to the bad news, atleast bad news for those of us who are familiar with the Marvel Universe. When I first heard Ben Kingsley was cast as the Mandarin I accepted it with open arms, he does not look oriental in any way compared to the classic Mandarin villain. Yet, I was willing to compromise, being that he is a great actor. What follows can be labeled as SPOILER!! material. A while back Marvel went on record stating they were not sure how they were going to address the Mandarin as a villain. I figured they had it in the bag since he was clearly displayed in the trailers, Ten Rings and all. So it was bit of a thwarted surprise when the Mandarin's character is simply a decoy in the film. Yes a decoy! Ironman's greatest archenemy was used as bait. Bait for all of those with any knowledge of who the Mandarin really was to feel that excitement of seeing Ironman square off against his deadliest foe. Is that not what they were selling in the trailers? For those with no knowledge of who the Mandarin is will most likely go on about their day without noticing any wrong doing. The action is great, character chemistry is present much more than the previous Ironman 2 film. My gripe is the way they treated the Mandarin villain. The Mandarin is simply a diversion in order to bring to light the real villain of the film...Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). Are you kidding me Marvel? Aldrich Killian, a character known in the Marvel universe as a cripple scientist who commits suicide after letting his work get into the hands of a terrorist group. I understand Marvel's approach to keeping story fresh and new but if you can imagine a Batman film in which the Joker is used merely as a decoy to bring on the real villain of the Scarcrow....Nope that will not work. The anticipation for the Mandarin has been built and as far as I'm concerned Marvel did not deliver the Mandarin the way he should have been brought to the screen. Instead we get Pearce's character breathing fire while having tattooed dragons on his chest. Oh and if your looking for the Ten Rings I hope your ok with just quick glimpse of Kingsley's knuckles because besides that, they are not mentioned at all in the film. Yet Killian manages to mutter to Stark "You wanted the Mandarin Tony?, I am the Mandarin" and we are supposed to swallow that Marvel? If they were looking for a twist they got but it came at a price. No one who invested time in reading Ironman books would appreciate the neglected Mandarin that was force fed to us in this film. That said, Shane Black did a good job at putting Tony Stark through situations without his armor that still managed to highlight Stark's intelligence and skill with mechanics. All hope is not lost though, even with all that transpired a clever writer can bring back the true Mandarin at a later point in the saga and give it the respect the character deserves.


Cosplay, Toys and Props at Comic Con 2012


Are you a Fan of The Punisher? Thomas Jane is

The 2004 version of the Punisher didn't get much love from critics or those who chose to go see it. I personally like the movie, with the exception of some questionable characters like Howard Saint (John Travolta) For the Punisher faithful, Thomas Jane as created a fan made 10 min short that is fucking awesome, excuse the language but then again we are talking about a Punisher film. Ron Perlman also stars in the film called Dirty Laundry and Mr. Jane wanted to make something for the fans, frankly if this doesn't put him back into the role then nothing will, check out the film below and let me know what you think, also use #dirtylaundry on Twitter to express your thoughts for the film. The short is very well made and obviously includes some very talented individuals, this gives the Punisher the much needed attention he diserves.


Why The Amazing Spiderman is Inferior

First off, I would like to say that I went to go see this movie already knowing that I would not like it. So you can most likely guess what type of review this will be (unless the title gives it away). I'm sure I'm not the first to ask Why in the world did they remake a Spiderman origin?... Money...Maybe...introduce new actors to the role...possibly, but why another origin? Is it safe to say that even your abuela (grandma) knows how Peter Parker became Spiderman. That is the flaw of this film, even with the little tweaks to the story I was still not impressed. How many times do we have to watch Uncle Ben die? About the only new factor was the Lizard sort of. Rhys Ifans did a good job, as did Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey. Which leaves Andrew Garfield...sorry but I prefer Tobey Maguire's performance, but for the sake of letting new actors take on new roles, I'll put that aside. What sucks about this movie is that, the story should have continued with Spiderman already being established, that way you don't bore the moviegoers with the same origin. In defense I will say that some aspects of the film did introduce true comic book material like Spiderman using cartridges instead of webbing just spewing out of his wrists. All in all the Sam Raimi Spiderman was better in my book, Peter Parker was more of a nerd not a skater, Maguire's dialogue was more genuine compared to Garfield's portrayal. Some will say its just because Tobey came first (TRUE) Either way, the word on the net seems to be similar. Its pretty simple to compare, which one did you like better? 


My dissection of the new Avengers trailer!

The new Avengers trailer starts out with what looks like to be a Micheal Bay-ish descruction of a city and people looking up in astonishing fear. You also get several shots of a somewhat assembled group of Avengers. The voice heard in the beginning is Loki, who is the main villian in the film just like he was in Thor. The trailer does not reveal much about how he happens to get to Earth but we know he can travel there by some means, which was also hinted in Thor. A couple of shots that stood out for me was Captain America and Tony Stark having a few words...This was smart of them to include simply becuase it foreshadows things to come between the two members. You also see Captain America fighting Thor of all people, which can either be a Skrull (shape shifting enemys of the Avengers) or something else entirley. Nick Fury with a bazooka, Black Widow tackling a henchmen, a possible Quinjet (Avengers' air transport) among other scenes seem to fill up the trailer pretty well but if you ask me, I still need to see more. Finally in the last scene we are blessed with a shot of Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk, in classic teaser form of a short scene cut. Being that the  Avengers will hit theaters unitl May of next year, leave us with alot of time to speculate, criticize and wait in anxiety for one of the most anticipated (the most anticipated movie in my opinion) films of 2012.


Captain America: The First Avenger Review

I have been excited about this movie since it's first mention, Chris Evans did a solid job as the mighty patriotic super soldier. The film is a bit over two hours long but tells us a intriguing retro story of how the captain came to be. The story line was fairly accurate with the comic books, the old setting is believable along with the Howard Stark tie in which makes it even better for future plots that I will not mention for the sake of spoilers. Adding to the military propaganda and olden ways seems a bit cheesy at times but then again this is how the character was detailed in the comic books as well. What I did not like about the film was that even with super serum and all, the Captain's abilities were not really portrayed as grand as an Ironman or Thor for example. We see a clear change in body mass but I felt the spectacular super human abilities were a bit muffled. This is something they can obviously change in the Avengers movie coming out next year. All in all Chris Evans pulls it off, the rest of the cast in the film add to the character of the movie and look out for Tommy Lee Jones for your occasional comedic relief. Hugo Weaving is highly believable as Red Skull, though it did take me a bit to get used to the German accent. Compared to Ironman this movie falls short, yet when compared to the Green Lantern I believe Captain America is the film to see. It is important to understand that this film is a mere stepping stone to the greater story that is the Avengers. Action is plenty and I commend Joe Johnston for his work. Oh and if you don't already know...stay after the credits for the extra scene.


Random SDCC photos


The Amazing Spider-Man

First of all I would like to say I am a Spiderman fan...Secondly I have to ask why we are seeing another origin with this film. I understand it is a reboot but this is where it gets dangerous. Simply because what else at this point can be added to a Spiderman origin of that we have not already seen or heard. This is where Hollywood tries to get creative in order to keep people coming to the theater for characters they love. Even with that being said, I am looking forward to the Lizard as the villain which to me was one of the most entertaining to me in the past. I wish Sam Raimi could have done another film which he already had the Lizard character integrated. But we will have to just wait and see. But Meh... should suffice for me at this point. What do you guys think?