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"The Dead are rising from their graves" Hacked Emergency Alert System

This Monday Feb 12 a local Montana TV station KRTV was hacked...Viewers of the CW saw the Emergency Alert System appear on the screen warning them that the bodies of the dead were rising and attacking the living. Check the video below for the footage. When you listen to it it doesn't sound that convincing but I bet you some folks in Montana had that Holy Shit!! reaction. No doubt the zombie craze with The Walking Dead and Warm Bodies in theaters now helped it along. It was hilarious nonetheless... I saw the article on Gawker yesterday, which stated the message did not come from KRTV broadcast station.

In a related note, several instances of construction signs being hacked to display "Caution Zombies Ahead" have also been reported around the country. I recently saw one in San Diego County and couldn't help but to laugh. Other have also been seen in New York and Austin, Texas

Stay alert though when the actual zombie apocalypse hits, lets not ignore the signs.


The Walking Dead Escape @ Petco Park 


The Walking Dead has been a pretty good trend-setter in the entertainment business, from having a talk show about The Walking Dead air immediately after it every Sunday to now having an obstacle course filled with Walkers trying to devour those who dare to run it. The 35 to 45 min course was rigged up in San Diego's Petco park, consisting of cargo nets, slides, chain linked fences, oh and blood thirsty zombies. At first read this sounds great for any fan to partake in...but it does come at a price, to be made up as a zombie by Greg Nicotero's team costs a wopping $90, to run the course is $75 (with a Walking Dead #100 comic book waiting for you at the end) and to sit on the sidelines and watch is $15. Now, being made up as a walking carcass is what most would want but I myself didn't have it in me to fork over an arm and a leg...hehe, just to run a obstacle course. But what I did do is volunteer to help out in return for a Limited Edition #100 Walking Dead Poster. I arrived at 9:30am Friday the 13th for my shift. We were advised that registration would be delayed a bit, We were briefed on what to expect and what roles we would play in the obstacle course, I opted to not volunteer for signing in folks that would run the course. I ended up being placed as a FEMA infection scanner. Armed with a hazmat suit and black light we were instructed to scan the survivors as they near the end of the course...How do we scan them? you ask, the walkers along the course are drenched in clothing detergent which glows under a black light, thus if a runner gets touched by the walker he or she is possibly infected. If it is hard to visualize this take a look at the video blow for a full run of the course. The video was shot by a random runner, you can notice me @ 21:56 telling incoming runners to put their hands to in order to be scanned within the biohazard zone. Plenty of runners made it through and the whole experience was pretty cool especially for a fan of the show. Only sales will determine wether or not this event takes place again at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. What would you do? pay $90 to become a Walker or $75 to run the course, sound off below.


The Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2 is finally here and the premiere was off the hook. Couple questions came up after watching the first episode...Like in the first season, there was a big deal made about how the zombies can smell the living, yet in this first episode, the characters are able to evade the walkers by hiding under cars...which was also brought up in the Talking Dead show afterwards. When asked the question, Robert Kirkman (executive producer) mentioned that the zombies are not bloodhounds, they don't follow their noses (insert Fruit Loops joke here) Another question that came up was are the dead bodies found inside of cars dead zombies or just dead people and if they were just dead people what are they still doing in the cars? I came up with a couple of answers to this one...they could have died in car accidents causing their bodies to rot away inside the car or something happened in the past causing them to die in the vehicle, be it gas, starvation, shot etc It would be interesting to find out more about how these people died besides the obvious zombie attack. With that said the season two opener was awesome and I along with the rest of America can't wait till next Sunday. Personally I can't wait for Merle to spring his one handed ass back into the story. The episode with him in the first season was among the best in my opinion. Also interesting will be the ticking time bomb that awaits Rick his wife and best friend. If you can't get enough of the Walking Dead, remember this show was spawned from 89 issues of the comic books which are available online so go check it out!


The Walking Dead Season 2 trailer

Season 2 is coming a bit earlier than expected look out for it Oct 16. 


The Walking Dead Season 2

This banner will be displayed at the 2011 Comic Con. I missed  the footage for the second season of the Walking Dead that aired on last nights Breaking Bad but they already posted it on the AMC site here it is below. Nothing much to say about it except that I can't wait till the premiere in October. Fans a the San Diego Comic Con will most definitely get more info. If the clip is not visible to you, it simply shows Rick fighting off two dead heads with a rock.