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Ipad HD...No, Ipad 3...No, The New Ipad Yes!

So feel free to poke fun at the fact the I and the rest of the world were pretty much wrong about the next Ipad being the Ipad HD, by now you know that the new Ipad is called...The New Ipad... [insert joke here] The new Ipad has retina display along with a two dual core processors, 2048 by 1536 mega pixel display...nice! and 4g connectivity through AT&T and Verizon. 5 Megapixel iSight camara and capability to stream 1080p video to the newly annouced Apple Tv (not a real tv, just a hockey puck box). To make a long story short and to completely forget all the cool imaginative stuff that people thought was going to be included. If you still have a 1st gen Ipad, I would by the NEW one, if you don't have one buy the NEW one at starting at $499 or a Ipad 2 at $399 and if you have a Ipad 2, I wouldn't bother buying a NEW one unless you want to resell it and make some money...cough, clear throat, or just that much of an Apple fan that you must have the NEW one. I didn't bother posting a new pic but you won't be able to tell the difference over the internet anyway.

The day is here so I figured I'd chime in with my unprofessional overlooked prediction. So first off, all the mainstream sites have already reported that the name of the new Ipad will be the Ipad HD. The invitation simply shows a third of the Ipad screen with a finger clicking on the calendar. I will be glued to the feeds in order to see if any of my predictions were included, higher res screen is pretty predictable, more cores as far as the processors is also a possibility. I would personally like to see a more streamlined way of having the Ipad interact with tvs. The current Airplay functionality requires an Apple Tv, Airplay compatible receiver etc. Would be cool to see an included adapter that can provide such functionality strait from the Ipad. An upgraded Apple Tv is also rumored, it is no doubt that these two devices have great functionality together. Being able to download apps directly to the Apple Tv box would allow the user even more capability to interact with the applications in the App Store. Along with that using the Ipad as your remote for such controlled apps just makes sense. Improved front facing camera should be included regardless because the one on the Ipad 2 is lacking. I'll leave at that, so I can update the post after the annoucnment, stay tuned!


Get Free Google Voice SMS on in flight WiFi (Hack or Loophole?)


On a recent trip from San Diego to New York City, I thought I would mess around with the in flight WiFi provided by GoGo Inflight WiFi. While on the round trip Delta flight, I didn't really need internet access simply because I had already loaded up my ChromeBook with movies. But at one point I was thinking about purchasing the inflight WiFi plan just to surf the net. I did not feel like paying the $7.95 GoGo mobile rate nor did I want to pay the $12.95 rate for my laptop. But upon connecting to the Hotspot any attempt to pull up a browser without paying simply redirected me to the GoGo site for access. I noticed that during that time I received a notification of a missed call on my Google Voice App...So I launched the app and noticed it refreshed with no problem. The light bulb went off at this point and I immediately sent an SMS to a couple of my contacts and to prove my theory correct they both answered back. The Google Voice App allowed me to send and recieve text messages without paying for the inflight WiFi. I then turned on my Chromebook and tried to open up the Google Voice page but I was redirected to the GoGo inflight pay to access page. I then thought my iPhone was only capable of this until I tried the Google Voice widget in Chrome, which worked beautifully. The only way I was able to get it to work was using either the Google Voice App on the iPhone or the Google Voice Widget in Chrome. I can only assume that the same trick would work an Android device. I tried to research what protocol Google Voice SMS uses but found to many conflicting responses, I'm thinking that the GoGo inflght WiFi is only blocking port 80 (internet port) communication. It will be interesting to see if this works on other inflight WiFi providers. I realize that many airlines offer free wifi but when they don't...try it out and let me know if this little Easter Egg worked for you to. 


Star Wars Xbox 360 Console to expensive? Naaah!

Hitting the holiday period this year is one of the coolest blends in tech/geek history. The Stars Wars themed Xbox is made to look like R2-D2 and is bundled with a C-3PO controller, a white Kinect and a copy of Star Wars Kinect. This is sure to be a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan but at the high price of $449.99, one would have to think about it...and only come to the conclusion that this is a limited edition console and will probably not be around for long so get your pre-orders in now.








Musiclites: Let there be Light & Sound!

Installing overhead speakers just got a as easy as installing a light bulb. Artisan and Osrom Sylvania have joined forces to bring us Musiclites, a light bulb, speaker combination that distributes high end audio. The speakers also have a built in led that also provides lighting while receiving audio fro the transmitter. This is clearly a smart alternative for those who prefer to less installation costs. Features include: 70 mm high-fidelity loudspeaker offers full-range high performance audio, Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver has a range between 30-90ft. Whole house audio distribution without the expense of traditional installation, 20W RMS, Class D amplifier with 95% efficiency for lifelike audio.


Apple IOS 5, iCloud & OS X Lion Update.

Among the other announcements that took place today were of those of Apple, which revealed the detail of its iCloud service along with the IOS 5 update and the new OS X Lion update. I'm not even going to try to fit all the new features into one blog post, if you want a full run down visit Apple's site here. The keynote was this morning and features I found interesting were among those of IOS 5 adding quicker camera accessibility from the lock screen, volume up button as the shutter button to take a photo. (Which was available originally in the Camera+ app, then was flagged by Apple, which resulted in removal of the feature) Wireless sync will also be a feature, no more looking for that dreaded sync cable. PC free setup that does not require itunes hookup, updated notifications into one notification center, Twitter integration (tweet from any menu), new Reminders section for to-do lists etc. Also included is iMessage feature that allows for encrypted messaging (free text messaging) to any IOS device. 

The iCloud service was a bit different than the rumored service but pretty much on track. The iCloud service will allow you to by a song for example and send across all your devices iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad etc. The same can be done for documents and photos. By using the Itunes Match feature if you have music that you had previously ripped, Apple will scan it and match it with a 256kbps DRM free version in order for you to download, to any device. This one come at a price of $25 dollars a year. Which is in direct competition with Amazon's cloud service and Music beta by Google. I found a pretty good breakdown comparison chart on Cnet's site here. Both IOS 5 and iCloud are not available until this fall. As for OS X Lion ($29.99) the list is plentiful and includes Multi touch gestures, full screen apps, Mission Control and instant resume. More interesting to me is the Auto Save and Versions feature which minimizes mistakes all together. A full video of OS X Lion is here. One thing can be said for Apple in this case and that is that these features will definitely attract new users as well as keep existing ones loyal.


Tomb Raider E3 Trailer

I'm a fan of the original Tomb Raider titles but I will accept this reboot with open arms. The feel has changed from a buxom gun slinging rich girl to a more gritty survivalist chick just trying to stay alive. Reminded me more of like an Uncharted look rather then the predecessors. Tomb Raider will be available in the fall of 2012 for both Xbox 360 and PS3.


Microsoft at E3 2011

Microsoft today announced a barrage of Xbox 360 titles that will be available this fall and holiday season. Microsoft also announced Xbox Live Tv, which will be a streaming tv service allowing users to watch a variety of television programs via the Xbox. Microsoft already has deals with Sky Tv in the UK, no other details were announced for this service but I'm sure once they make agreements with US content providers, we will definitely hear about it. Microsoft announced they will be integrating You Tube within the Xbox console as well. The Kinect also had some updates bringing Kinect Fun Labs to the Xbox dashboard. Fun Labs allows users to take pictures of themselves and build an avatar with their actual clothes worn along with facial expressions. Objects can also be scanned, giving the user the capability to animated and add voice recording to these puppets. Once completed you can share these creations within the Xbox community. The Fun Labs add-on is available for download today. I have tried it already and it is pretty impressive, most little ones will get a laugh out of it, even with that said, it still needs some work. When you take a picture of yourself the facial portion is wrapped around an avatar's body...but all the photos I took seemed to disfigure the face, along with weird looking shadows on the face. Besides that, definitely play with it, this is just another example of the Kinect's ability to be years ahead of any other console accessory. The Xbox 360 dashboard will also be updated with Bing search, which will allow you to voice search for content with the Kinect.


Microsoft's Student Promotion

Starting May 22nd Microsoft will give a free Xbox 360 arcade console to any College student that purchases a Windows 7 pc of $699 or higher. All you have to do is show student id at checkout of any Best Buy or authorized online Microsoft retailer like HP or Dell. The promotion will be in effect until Sep 2nd 2011.


Google I/O 2011

The following are some links to upcoming Google products worth mentioning.




David Braben's $25 USB stick PC

Amazing this device was not created sooner but definitely look for this in the near future. This USB stick PC basically turns any TV or monitor with HDMI into a computer, running a version of Linux(Ubuntu), for a cost of $25! That's enough to give out to kids for free. The miniature device will also have 1080p out, a 700MHz ARM11 processor with 128MB of RAM. Attaching a USB hub will allow you to add more devices to it. has a more in depth look at this breakthrough here. Interesting to see the evolution of a USB stick...The idea of having a PC in every home now seems much more believable if not already.