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Why I chose the iPhone 5 over the Samsung Galaxy S III

  Up until a month ago I had been using a Iphone 4 on AT&T for quite some time. I skipped the Iphone 4s just because Siri was not a determining factor for me to upgrade. With all great the reviews (and specs) on the Samsung Galaxy S III I went ahead and sold my wife's 8gb Iphone 4, then gave her my 16gb Iphone 4, which in turn allowed me to use my upgrade to purchase the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III was $50 cheaper at Walmart compared to the AT&T store, Best Buy, Target etc. They only had the white version available (which I rather not have, but I put a case on all my phones anyway) so I went ahead with the 16gb white Galaxy S III. My first impressions of the phone were great, the bigger screen real estate was excellent for browsing the web, watching movies or podcasts. Android Ice Cream Sandwich was very fluid and quick. The free navigation app that is included was very user freindly, which previous iphones did not offer. The speed of the AT&T network in my area on the S3 was also a boost from the 3g that I was getting on my Iphone4. I was averaging 15mbps down and 10mbps up on AT&T's so called 4g network. So far the Samsung Galaxy S III didn't disappoint. But when it came to storing the 4.8inch Galaxy in my was a whole other story. I work outdoors mostly so keeping the phone safe is a priority. The Galaxy S3 did not fit in my Dickies cellphone pocket for one, which is my preferred pocket for cellphones. Given how big the screen was, it was dificult to stowe it without risking cracking the screen in half. Also typing with one hand was a challenge with the bigger screen. The iphone 4 felt a bit sturdier and robust compared to the plastic feel of the S3, due in part to the iphone4 front and back glass slabs. I will say that spec wise, the Galaxy S3 is superior to my iphone 4, but with the annoucement of the iphone5 I had to decide which to keep. I stayed with the S3 for about two weeks before returning it to Walmart, which was a smooth process that didn't even require a restocking fee. My upgrade was reinstated with 48 hours of returning the S3. At this time, the waiting game began, I had to use an old Blackberry 8310, which is torture, especially when coming from using an S3. 

 When the Iphone 5 was announced, everything pretty much fell in line with all the prior speculation, slightly taller screen, thinner body, faster processor. Ok the taller screen thing, I am completley cool with due to the experience I had with the S3. In the end, I had to go with the iphone 5 simply because I am invested in the Apple product universe with such apps as iMovie, iPhoto and various other Apple devices. The new iPhone is basically the upgrade we would have wanted after the iPhone4 instead of the 4s.

  Armed with a Google Chromebook, a Macbook Pro and an Iphone 4, woke up 5 minutes before  midnight on Thursday the 13th, at the stroke of midnight I refreshed all three devices for about 5 minutes until the winner by a tap of f5 was... the Google Chromebook! hmm... I was unable to reach the preorder page on the Macbook Pro, though I did have better luck on the Iphone 4 App Store App but I ended up placing my order on the Chromebook. The result will arrive sometime on Sep 21, the initial iPhone5 stock was sold out a little after an hour after midnight, shipping dates are now at 2-3 weeks. I will post a clearer review once I recieve the new device. Though I liked the S3, I wouldn't be able to make a full decision without trying both devices.